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A-Z of Virtual Teams: P is Agreement on Work Practices

Virtual team members need to agree how they are going to work toward the shared outcome that they have identified, particularly if they are going to be intensely collaborating on shared artifacts. Because everyone not in the same room is invisible, a shared mental picture / shared cognitive visualization is needed by everyone to know what has been planned to happen. “How does what I am working on by myself here relate to what Sue is doing in Australia and Ivan is working on in England?”

Talk it out during a conference call. Thrash it out using email. Think it out on a wiki.

Many can only act as one when the many have become cognitively one.

(So this is the first of an upcoming 26 posts on the A-Z of Virtual Teams … and a mighty big hat tip to Nicholas Bate for the inspiration)

See A-Z of Virtual Teams: Summary for the complete list.

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