Category: Culture & Competency

Productivity Report, Oct 18

Productivity Report Focus Attention and Limited Time … Charlie and Jim offer some suggestions and observations intended to help themselves (and us) focus our attention and limited time on what truly matters. The authors suggest taking one of five meaningful actions on everything that shows up in your […]

Productivity Report, Oct 6

Working from Home … LifeDev looks at and debunks three myths of working at home. Myth #1 … “self-employed people can be lazy because they don’t have a boss”. Myth #2 … “people who work out of home offices work whenever they want. Myth #3 … “home offices […]

Work Effectiveness and Productivity Report, Aug 1

Cultivating Innovation Every employee can be a powerhouse for innovation, and entrepreneurs need to create a culture to encourage it. Guidelines in doing so: Set aside your ego. You can’t have all the good ideas. Eliminate perceived penalties for “bad ideas”. Innovation requires a bit of craziness. Hold […]