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Getting Work Done With Others: To Increase Breadth (Part 4 of 5)

Why do we work in teams?

3. Teamwork to Increase Breadth

(a) Gaining a wider perspective
Teams enable organizations to secure a wider perspective on pressing problems and opportunities. Different people bring different past experiences, different cultural mandates and different points of reference to bear on these problems and opportunities, and the combination of their efforts can often lead to the detection of issues that a smaller, more homogeneous group would miss.

(b) More effectively addressing customer needs
A diverse marketplace is best served by organizations that have eyes to see the diversity, and once seen, to factor in the different perspectives to their planning activities. Thus teams staffed with people who bring different ideas and different tastes to the table, and who are able to adequately represent the different constituencies in their planning and design work, have a much greater chance of winning in the marketplace than those organizations that take the opposite route.

(c) Collating the ideas of many
Teams are used to better capture and synthesize the ideas of many people within the organization and within its customer and partner ecosystem. Since we view and interpret the world through the framework of our worldview, we as individuals are not that great at understanding statements from others that fall outside of our worldview. So we need other people to actively work alongside us to interpret such statements, to give guidance on the underlying drivers of those statements, and to help ensure that the consequential decisions we make about such statements are valid.

Have you got a story to share about how one of these reasons played out in your work?

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