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Messaging News for November/December 2007 is out …

The November/December 2007 edition of Messaging News is on the Web. My article in this edition is entitled The Four Habits of an Effective Collaborative Individual: “Collaboration” denotes a group of people working together towards a mutually desired outcome. It is an accepted concept to describe organizational reality—people […]

On Interruptions

One of the sessions for Eric’s Beyond Planning conference this week was entitled Beyond Interruptions. In the brainstorming notes I wrote this, but it didn’t make its way into the final presentation … but the clarity of it challenges me every time I re-read it: There are big […]

The Collaborative Individual Report (September 2007)

In addition to actions that management need to take to set the context for effective distributed work, employees themselves need to embrace responsibility for increasing their own capability to work effectively at a distance from their co-workers and collaborators. In this inaugural edition of The Collaborative Individual, I […]

Response to Eric Mack on GTD 2.0

The man they call Eric Mack is wondering whether we need GTD 2.0, and if so, what it would look like. In particular, Eric’s postulating whether the methodology needs to expand to include more on managing the information and communication side of doing cool stuff (or “DCS”, did […]

What Makes a Discussion "Productive"?

When you are having a discussion–face-to-face or via electronic media–with another person or a group, what factors contribute to make the discussion “productive” or not? What do you use as the basis for evaluation as to whether the discussion was worth it? Here’s what I think: Alternatives are […]

Stanley Bing on Productivity, Feb 9

I’ve been a dedicated subscriber to FORTUNE magazine since the mid-late 1990s when I first had my own firm. I’ve never wanted it for the investment advice … but rather the stories about people and their work and lives. Stanley Bing writes a column on the last page […]