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WWPYCBW: Strategy and People (August 1, 2008)

WWPYCBW … “Working with People You Can’t Be With” Contents at a Glance – Virtual Collaboration is a Disaster – Telepresence Needs People Factors to Succeed – Building a 100% Virtual Business Virtual Collaboration is a Disaster One writer laments the disaster of virtual collaboration, arguing that (1) […]

The Power of Weekly Planning

The past couple of weeks I have been reminded of the power of planning a week-at-a-time, rather than just a day at a time. As one week draws to a close, say on a Friday afternoon or early Saturday morning, I have looked at the upcoming week and […]

A-Z of Virtual Teams: X is Multiply Strength

Put together a team of people to multiply the strength brought to bear on the task outcome at hand. As I’ve discussed earlier, strength is increased in teams through power, speed, breadth, and acceptance. Find others that have complementary skills, complementary experiences, and complementary perspectives that enable the […]

A-Z of Virtual Teams: R is Responsiveness

The heart of effective collaboration both in-person and when mitigated by technology is responsiveness, as measured in (a) time and (b) engagement. In terms of time, a face-to-face conversation “works” when the people in the meeting answer the questions they have been asked during the meeting, or take […]

Factors that Knock Team Projects Off-Course

There are many things that can throw a team project off-course. The goal posts can be shifted by the project sponsor; that’s clearly a signal that the shared vision needs to be expanded or revised. That will have flow-on effects throughout the remaining project phases. Sometimes the shifting […]