Category: Culture & Competency

Seven Things, Dec 20

One of my friends dropped me an email yesterday asking: If you had a top 7 tips list for managing the flood of digital information, what would it be? Here it is: Write a blog. Of anything that I’ve done in the last 5 years, becoming habitual about […]

What my Next Action List is Now, Dec 14

Last week I publicly reminded myself that the next action list is not a project management system. My list has entropied out of control, and it was because I was not maintaining a hard-nosed distinction between something that was (a) directly and immediately actionable on a current project, […]

How Can I Double my Effectiveness?, Nov 4

I recently opined on the topic of “how to double productivity“, and my friend Pascal weighed in with a comment suggesting that the focus should instead be on doubling effectiveness. I replied by saying that I saw the construct of “productivity” including both effectiveness (doing the right things) […]