When do we need face time? (a flow chart)

Oscar and Jessica have been working out a checklist for when you need in-person meetings, based in part on a desire to reduce CO2 emissions. In the spirit of collaboration, I’ve taken their checklist and made a flowchart out of it for those that like things visually …

(click for the full sized image, 209KB)

What decision points have we missed?

0 thoughts on “When do we need face time? (a flow chart)

  1. Hello Michael,
    great to see that you have visualized the checklist! I am personallya great fan of visualizations. Visualizing things makes it easier to develop them further. If it is ok I’d like to post your flowshart on our blog, credit to you of course.

  2. As someone who travels around the world in order to attend meetings of international standards bodies – I would like to add another aspect to your chart. LANGUAGE BARRIERS.
    When having a meeting with folks from various countries where not everyone speaks the same native language, having a face to face becomes even more important (or required) in order to ensure that everyone is correctly understood and not ignored.

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