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Getting Work Done With Others: Teamwork Drivers (Part 1 of 5)

Teamwork—combining strengths with other people, working with others toward a common objective—is a natural and normal part of business life. Many projects are too large or too complex for one person to deliver alone that they must combine their efforts with the efforts of others. So it is a bit funny to talk about what drives teamwork, when it is such an integral part of daily work in business. It is about as insightful as saying that a computer needs a power supply in order to work. Well, duh!

Nonetheless, it is helpful to stand on the brink of our action and the activity swirling around us and ask why we choose to do things in a certain way. Why do we, or those above us in organizations, choose to use teams as an organizing paradigm for work? What are the thinking frameworks that have arisen to this being considered “normal”? Why do we need teams? Why can’t we just work as individuals? What good do teams do for organizations today?

In my way of thinking, I see four key drivers:

Over the next week or so I am going to post a series of thoughts about each of these drivers. Big call out on this first post to Jason Womack for his insightful comments on this topic in a discussion we had last year.

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