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Getting Work Done With Others: To Increase Power (Part 2 of 5)

Why do we work in teams?

1. Teamwork to Increase Power

(a) Greater power by leveraging the knowledge of internal and external experts.
People that become experts through ongoing learning and experience are called upon to share their knowledge with people working on various teams. They may be within the business or an external consultant.

(b) Greater power by leveraging complementary competencies.
When organizations identify and focus on their core competencies, and seek to build specific and unique strength in the marketplace through working only within their core, they partner with other firms to offer complementary competencies.

(c) Greater power by combining the strengths of individuals.
Some people are really good at some things, and really bad at others. This is not a judgment on their expertise or knowledge, but an observation on their style and preferences. One person is able to see the big picture and lay out a path for getting from here to there, but they are terrible at the details. A second person is less able to see the big picture, but has tremendous ability to handle all of the scheduling details required to deliver the overall project on time and budget. A third person can sense when people in the group are at loggerheads in their views, and with grace and aplomb is able to draw each out and find a place of commonality and agreement between the previously waring factions. People of the one kind need people of the other kind close at hand and ready to help.

Have you got a story to share about how one of these reasons played out in your work?

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