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Work Effectiveness and Productivity Report, Jul 6

I am a ResultsManager Gyronix, the wonderful company behind the ResultsManager add-in for Mindjet MindManager, launched the “I am a ResultsManager” campaign, focused on helping their users become breakout stars within their companies. Professional and personal users of ResultsManager have one thing in common; they’re implementation heroes. When […]

Make Information Actionable

Dave Pollard recently reflected on the lack of meaning in the information he receives, and writes: I find the vast majority of business information I receive is likewise useless and meaningless. Most of it is “best practices” or “benchmarks” — things that have presumably been proven to work […]

Misuse of Productivity Technology

Thanks to the Ipswitch blog, I came across this research by the NTL Telewest Business division: A new study from NTL: Telewest shows that misuse of office technology adds almost two hours to the average British working day. About 100 minutes a day are wasted from incompetent, careless […]

Beware Task Saturation

Jim Murphy, fighter plane pilot turned business consultant and author, writes about the dangers of task saturation. Task saturation comes from not having enough time, tools and resources to get your mission accomplished. Essentially, it means you are overworked. Unfortunately, most people and companies wear task saturation like […]

Paul Graham on "Lessons for Startups"

I read a great article by Paul Graham yesterday, entitled The Hardest Lessons for Startups to Learn. The seven lessons were: Release Early Keep Pumping Out Features … this thought particularly stood out in light of my new job … “they will love you if you improve in […]