Messaging News for March/April 2007 is out

The March/April 2007 edition of Messaging News is (finally) online! I have two articles in this edition …

The first, Lotusphere 2007: Extending the Old, Unwrapping the New for Big Blue, reviews and analyses the new announcements from IBM at Lotusphere, such as Notes/Domino 8, Quickr and Connections. It starts on p.26 of the PDF.

Loti from the around the world, customers, business partners and the usual contingent from Microsoft converged on Orlando, Florida earlier this year to hear what’s coming next from IBM Lotus. It is an opportunity to meet-and-greet the developers, and to get a renewed level of excitement about how IBM contributes to businesses through its range of products, most notably IBM Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino. Lotusphere this year saw five major IBM announcements: three of them were about product updates, but the other two announcements signaled a major change for Big Blue.

The second is Email Policy Engines, which starts on p.18 of the PDF.

In the November/December 2006 issue of Messaging News, the article The Impact of E-Policy Management reviews why an organization or business should be interested in technology facilitated ways of enforcing policies on email messages. Once it is agreed that a policy is important-or required if a highly regulated industry- how does one best go about implementing technology-facilitated policy enforcement?

A free download of the PDF is available (1.6MB, 48 pages).

And BTW, I’ve authored the cover story for the May/June 2007 edition of Messaging News … on all of the current things happening with calendaring … can’t wait to see it!

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