Category: Michael’s Happenings

Time to Fly

I’m about to head away for a week. I’m going to London for 3 days, and then have 1 day in San Francisco. There are couple of good things lined up: – a workshop in London with a firm on user adoption for new collaboration technology and approaches; […]

Handling the Headwind

I headed to University in February 1990, to start what became a 5-year stint of formal learning. I loved my time there, and have been back since, but the journey started in 1990. To coincide with starting University, I spent $1000 on a black Diamond Back mountain bike, […]

Off to Melbourne (February 7-8)

I’m heading to Melbourne next week, for a two-day private workshop. Unlike my usual travels, when I give the workshop, this time I’m going to listen to the presenter and how they talk about collaboration, user adoption, and business enhancement. I’m expecting lots of good stuff, and lots […]