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Thoughts on Coming Back … and Starting 2011

I was excited when Monday arrived – after a great month off with my family, it was time to get back into the swing of work. During my vacation, I had been mulling various projects for 2011, and the dawning of this week allowed me to start examining those in more detail. Now with the week finished, and the weekend underway, I am pleased with the results of my brainstorming, list making, thinking, re-thinking, questioning, scheduling, and more. In essence, my plan for 2011 is to keep working with clients who have chosen SharePoint for their collaboration technology, and to provide advisory services and information products (reports, books, workshops) to increase their capability to make SharePoint work at a business and human-factors level. As per my byline, my focus is Making Collaboration Work: Strategy, Governance, User Adoption.

One rule of productivity and effectiveness is to be careful what you say “yes” to, and by implication, what you say “no” to. Even before 2011 started, I said “no” to a lot of opportunities for this year, especially invitations to speak at local and international Intranet, collaboration, and SharePoint conferences. In a world free of the constraints of travel delays and requirements, attending many conferences around the world would be easy, and I would attend and speak. But the world isn’t free of such constraints, and so I have had to decline.

I do have some travel planned, but for public seminars and in-house workshops. I am finalizing the details of a European tour in late March, as well as a United States and Canadian tour in late April, early May. I hope to have more details to share on both within the week.

I look forward to blogging this year, and have lots to share and discuss. There are many things I talked about last year with small groups at conferences and workshops that I have not written about here yet. I hope to rectify that over the next few months.

Thanks for reading. Have a great 2011.

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