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I'm a Collaboration Strategist: How Can I Help You Reach Your Goals?

As I say on the front page of my web site, my passion is helping organizations to make collaboration work, when their employees have to work together effectively and efficiency while separated by distance and time. I’m really keen to work with many new organizations in 2011 on making collaboration work – maybe there is some way I can help you reach your goals?

Here’s some ideas:

  1. I have written three books on collaboration – Seamless Teamwork (using SharePoint in a project team), SharePoint Roadmap for Collaboration (doing the business stuff to make SharePoint succeed), and User Adoption Strategies (overcoming the number 1 issue with new collaboration tools and approaches – poor adoption). If these are issues you are working on in 2011, please, buy a copy.
  2. I facilitate in-house workshops on making collaboration work. For organizations that have SharePoint, one is about using SharePoint for collaboration and how to make governance work. For those not using SharePoint, I run a Collaboration Roadmap in-house workshop. For those focusing on user adoption, I have a workshop on that too. Last night I spoke with a client who took the two-day in-house user adoption strategies workshop last year, and their work is really coming together well for 2011. I can help you do the same thing.
  3. I offer advisory services on making collaboration work – including an audit of your collaboration strategy, helping you develop a strategy for collaboration, how to make governance work, and how to develop your approach to user adoption. If you would benefit from my involvement in your work in 2011, please see my services page.

So … I’m a Collaboration Strategist – How can I help you reach your goals this year?

Please contact me to explore further.