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A Busy Next Four Weeks …

The next four weeks are what I’m calling “busy”! – Monday and Tuesday of next week, I’m in Auckland for client work and book research. – Then I have two days in the office to get another client project finished. – Easter Friday is a holiday. – On […]

Heading for Home

It’s time to head for home – my “round the world in 8 days” trip is 18 hours off being completed. Apart from dreadful sleeping patterns, it’s all gone great. – It was fantastic to be in London, as I’ve already said. Meeting clients, colleagues, and friends there […]

London, Day 3

My Wednesday in London was filled with an all-day client workshop. I used the tube to get there, and there’s two things to say about that: the Oyster card is tremendously cool (convenient, easy, yadda x3), and the Northern line is squash material at 8.15am. Talk about the […]

London, Day 2

My Tuesday in London was filled with four meetings around the city. At 8am I jumped on the tube and used a couple of lines to get to a discussion about strategy and adoption with a client using Lotus Connections. Stuart McIntyre from Collaboration Matters set up the […]

London, Day 1

Posted March 29, 5.55am London time I had a variety of meetings in London yesterday – and doing it all required lots of tube travel, walking, and looking (and re-looking) at my maps to figure out where to go. Having multiple exits from tube stations is helpful, but […]

Getting to London

Posted at 5.30am on Monday March 28, London time I’m in London – the trip across the world went fine. It always amazes me how quickly we can do this now – what took our forefathers 4-5 months by boat, can now be done in less than 30 […]

Time to Fly

I’m about to head away for a week. I’m going to London for 3 days, and then have 1 day in San Francisco. There are couple of good things lined up: – a workshop in London with a firm on user adoption for new collaboration technology and approaches; […]