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The MozART Group – Awesome Creativity

I listen to classical music whenever I’m in the office. A current favorite is Haydn, but Bach (Brandenburg and others), Beethoven (Eroica and others), Mozart, and others are staples in my music library. The above group takes the best of the classics, and adds some … sparks of […]

A Busy Next Four Weeks …

The next four weeks are what I’m calling “busy”! – Monday and Tuesday of next week, I’m in Auckland for client work and book research. – Then I have two days in the office to get another client project finished. – Easter Friday is a holiday. – On […]

Heading for Home

It’s time to head for home – my “round the world in 8 days” trip is 18 hours off being completed. Apart from dreadful sleeping patterns, it’s all gone great. – It was fantastic to be in London, as I’ve already said. Meeting clients, colleagues, and friends there […]

London, Day 3

My Wednesday in London was filled with an all-day client workshop. I used the tube to get there, and there’s two things to say about that: the Oyster card is tremendously cool (convenient, easy, yadda x3), and the Northern line is squash material at 8.15am. Talk about the […]

London, Day 2

My Tuesday in London was filled with four meetings around the city. At 8am I jumped on the tube and used a couple of lines to get to a discussion about strategy and adoption with a client using Lotus Connections. Stuart McIntyre from Collaboration Matters set up the […]

London, Day 1

Posted March 29, 5.55am London time I had a variety of meetings in London yesterday – and doing it all required lots of tube travel, walking, and looking (and re-looking) at my maps to figure out where to go. Having multiple exits from tube stations is helpful, but […]

Getting to London

Posted at 5.30am on Monday March 28, London time I’m in London – the trip across the world went fine. It always amazes me how quickly we can do this now – what took our forefathers 4-5 months by boat, can now be done in less than 30 […]