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Off to Melbourne (February 7-8)

I’m heading to Melbourne next week, for a two-day private workshop. Unlike my usual travels, when I give the workshop, this time I’m going to listen to the presenter and how they talk about collaboration, user adoption, and business enhancement. I’m expecting lots of good stuff, and lots of post-workshop conversations too.

I haven’t been to Melbourne for a year … the last time was when I gave the SharePoint Roadmap Public Seminar in February 2010. Thus I’m looking forward to going back, to taking another long look at the road into the city, and wishing that my hotel had its indoor pool up and running. The last is not to be, according to the hotel’s web site.

My schedule is pretty packed, but I’ll think good thoughts about all the people I know in Melbourne, and those that are visiting at the same time I am. Catchups over coffee and lunch aren’t going to work this time …

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