Category: Michael’s Happenings

Back from Parental Leave

Today marks the end of my two weeks of parental leave for Joshua, and thus my first day back in the office. I’ve had a super-busy couple of weeks – helping Katrina with Joshua, helping the children with home schooling, and running a household. And mixed in there, […]

Three Trips, Three Problems

The last three trips with Air New Zealand have been “interesting.” First there was a cracked windscreen on the plane, meaning I was 2 hours late in getting to Wellington. Then last week there was fog at the Christchurch airport, so after getting to Christchurch the plane turned […]

Intranets2011 – Almost Here

The Intranets2011 Conference is almost here – it’s on next week in Sydney. Convened by Step Two Designs, the conference is a must-attend for intranet managers and intranet teams in Australia and New Zealand, and a “very-good-to-attend” for the rest of the world: “Australia now has a fully-fledged […]

Observations about Geneva after a Day

I took three walks in different parts of Geneva yesterday. A few observations about life here, as an outsider: – There are two classes of cars on the road. Small compact ones, and big bold ones. Not much in between. – Based on the prices for clothing in […]

In Geneva for a Week

Saturday night I left my home outside of Christchurch and began the 37-hour trek across the world to Geneva. It went fine – thanks to three flights on Air New Zealand, and one on British Airways. A few notes: – I upgraded to Business Premier for the Auckland […]

Ed on Living Microsoft Free

Ed Brill, an IBM executive, writes about living Microsoft free for two years: “Two years ago, I switched to a MacBook Pro as my business desktop. A year later, I added an iPad. My mobile device during this whole time has been some flavor of Blackberry. In our […]

The MozART Group – Awesome Creativity

I listen to classical music whenever I’m in the office. A current favorite is Haydn, but Bach (Brandenburg and others), Beethoven (Eroica and others), Mozart, and others are staples in my music library. The above group takes the best of the classics, and adds some … sparks of […]