Category: Michael’s Happenings

Back from Parental Leave

Today marks the end of my two weeks of parental leave for Joshua, and thus my first day back in the office. I’ve had a super-busy couple of weeks – helping Katrina with Joshua, helping the children with home schooling, and running a household. And mixed in there, […]

Three Trips, Three Problems

The last three trips with Air New Zealand have been “interesting.” First there was a cracked windscreen on the plane, meaning I was 2 hours late in getting to Wellington. Then last week there was fog at the Christchurch airport, so after getting to Christchurch the plane turned […]

Intranets2011 – Almost Here

The Intranets2011 Conference is almost here – it’s on next week in Sydney. Convened by Step Two Designs, the conference is a must-attend for intranet managers and intranet teams in Australia and New Zealand, and a “very-good-to-attend” for the rest of the world: “Australia now has a fully-fledged […]

Observations about Geneva after a Day

I took three walks in different parts of Geneva yesterday. A few observations about life here, as an outsider: – There are two classes of cars on the road. Small compact ones, and big bold ones. Not much in between. – Based on the prices for clothing in […]

In Geneva for a Week

Saturday night I left my home outside of Christchurch and began the 37-hour trek across the world to Geneva. It went fine – thanks to three flights on Air New Zealand, and one on British Airways. A few notes: – I upgraded to Business Premier for the Auckland […]

Ed on Living Microsoft Free

Ed Brill, an IBM executive, writes about living Microsoft free for two years: “Two years ago, I switched to a MacBook Pro as my business desktop. A year later, I added an iPad. My mobile device during this whole time has been some flavor of Blackberry. In our […]