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The iPad is an Insidious Device

My iPad is playing with my mind. When evaluating software, for the past 7 years I have only asked one question – “Does it work with my Mac?” And now, after having an iPad for 7 months, the question has changed to “Does it work with my iPad?”

If it does, I’m keen to learn to more. If it doesn’t, I’m much less keen. Perhaps even totally unkeen.

Steve’s “magical and revolutionary device” – because he couldn’t really speak the truth and call it “insidious”, could he? – is definitely causing a re-evaluation in my world.

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  1. I’m in love with the iPad, too, after playing with a “shared” one from work for just under 2 weeks. True confessions: I was in “its powers” after just a week. I’m holding out for the iPad 2 (or II) that is suppose to hit the market in April…. hoping it has 1) Camera, 2) HDMI port, and 3) USB port.