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A Busy Next Four Weeks …

The next four weeks are what I’m calling “busy”!
– Monday and Tuesday of next week, I’m in Auckland for client work and book research.
– Then I have two days in the office to get another client project finished.
– Easter Friday is a holiday.
– On the evening of Easter Saturday, I’m flying to Auckland, then Hong Kong, then London, then Switzerland, for a week of onsite work with a client.
– At the end of the week, Saturday April 30, I retrace my steps, but end up in Wellington. I land in Wellington at 11.30am on Monday May 2, and will be doing my collaboration keynote speech at ALGIM at 1.20pm.
– Then I’m home for four business days, and the weekend.
– Sunday May 8, it’s back to Auckland, so I can facilitate a workshop on Monday morning.
– Monday afternoon I’m off to Sydney, for various meetings and the Intranets 2011 conference – at which I’m keynoting and presenting a user adoption workshop.
– On Saturday May 14, I’m heading home. I think I’ll be tired when I arrive home.

I’m grateful for all of these opportunities. I’m also looking forward to becoming Air New Zealand Gold Elite …

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