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London, Day 3

My Wednesday in London was filled with an all-day client workshop. I used the tube to get there, and there’s two things to say about that: the Oyster card is tremendously cool (convenient, easy, yadda x3), and the Northern line is squash material at 8.15am. Talk about the potential of getting to know your fellow Londonites!

The workshop was about collaboration strategy and user adoption – unsurprisingly given my involvement. There were about 18 people in the room for the majority of the day, and we had a wide-ranging discussion about strategy, value, focus areas, engagement approaches, user adoption, and next steps. At the end of workshop, one attendee wrote “We have gone from skeptic and negative to enthusiastic and positive – the power of collaboration.” That was pretty cool feedback. Thanks to Stuart McIntyre of Collaboration Matters for coordinating the day, and to the client for the opportunity to workshop with you.

After getting back to the hotel – the Northern line is busy at 5pm too, weird that! – I headed out to dinner with Martin White of Intranet Focus and Ian, one of Martin’s clients / colleagues / friends. We talked collaboration, a lot about SharePoint and having that “dumped” on you for no apparent reason, and other matters. When Martin arrived at the restaurant I called him my “third favorite author in the world,” but he didn’t ask me who was in first and second places. That will have to wait for another day, by the looks of things.

Bed at 9.30pm, wide awake at 2.30am. Oh well … I’m heading to San Francisco and then back to New Zealand … so it doesn’t really matter anymore.

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  1. It was wonderful to have you presenting and facilitating the workshop, Michael. Both the content and the discussion were top-notch, and you showed a real talent for getting groups of individuals to open up, explaining their concerns and opinions. It was an excellent day, and I think it delivered tremendous value to the organisation involved.
    Hope the next leg of the journey goes as well – quite how you cope with all these timezones in such a short period of time is beyond me!

  2. Fantastic day was had by all. Thank you so much Michael. I echo Stuart’s comments – the content and dicussion were fabulous.
    I was worried there wouln’t be much debate – I am glad I was wrong. We did go from negative and skeptic to possitve and enthusiastic – new relationships have been formed.
    Thank you once again