Michael's Happenings

London, Day 2

My Tuesday in London was filled with four meetings around the city. At 8am I jumped on the tube and used a couple of lines to get to a discussion about strategy and adoption with a client using Lotus Connections. Stuart McIntyre from Collaboration Matters set up the meeting, and it was great to meet Stuart in person for the first time. We have talked many times over a number of years – so good to put a face to a name.

Then it was back on the tube for a brief discussion with Huddle, following my initial reviews of their service (see here and here).

Then back to my hotel, for lunch at 2pm. I had eaten breakfast at 3am, with nothing in between – it felt like a long time to go without any food.

During the final part of the afternoon, I had coffee with Andrew Woodward of 21apps – we talked SharePoint and books mainly – and then a Skype video call with Sam Marshall of ClearBox Consulting – and we debated “collaboration vs communication,” SharePoint, and other matters. Both were great meetings.

I crashed at 7pm – so exhausted – and then woke again at 11pm. So I got up, worked until 1am, then went back to bed and slept fitfully until 5.30am.

Ah the joys of going around the world in 8 days.

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