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Problems with Evernote – Sluggishness

I have been using Evernote intensively for much of this year, and I think I’m hitting its limits – and far too soon for my liking. I only have 408 items across 6 Evernote notebooks … but it’s becoming really sluggish. For example, I’m typing a sentence, finish typing the words, and Evernote is a few words behind.

I really like Evernote – for it’s cross-platform support (Mac, PC, and iPad especially), the cloud-based synchronization service, the tags across notebooks, and more. But … I can’t deal with something that is becoming sluggish. If this happens at 408 notes, what happens when it hits 4000?

Any recommendations or alternatives?

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  1. Myself, as well. 😦
    I’ve been using it for THREE days. THREE. I love it, I realized I couldn’t live without it. Then… sluggishness.
    71 notes. 71. And I had to close it during my first day training at my new job (expecting I’d have a fast friend, then having to abandon it at the last minute) because it was slowing my computer down so much.
    I don’t know if it was indexing or what, but it surely couldn’t be. I’m kind of heartbroken. I WANT to use Evernote. I don’t want to move to another alternative and I DON’T want to go back to OneNote.
    So sad…