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Heading for Home

It’s time to head for home – my “round the world in 8 days” trip is 18 hours off being completed. Apart from dreadful sleeping patterns, it’s all gone great.

– It was fantastic to be in London, as I’ve already said. Meeting clients, colleagues, and friends there was awesome. And the tube is great – London would be a massive fail without the tube.

– One thing about London confuses me. They drive on the left-hand side of the road (like all civilized nations), but the predominant pedestrian flow is the right-hand side of the footpath. Why is this? I fail to see the coherence.

– My time in the US was far too short, and I didn’t even get to see Eric. I haven’t been here since September 2008 … too long … and when I could come, it was for less than 29 hours. I’m going to have to do something about this.

So … thanks to everyone who has made this trip great. It has been fantastic to work with you each. Now for the 12 hour flight from SFO to Auckland, and then a shorter hop back to Christchurch.

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