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London, Day 1

Posted March 29, 5.55am London time

I had a variety of meetings in London yesterday – and doing it all required lots of tube travel, walking, and looking (and re-looking) at my maps to figure out where to go. Having multiple exits from tube stations is helpful, but then having to orient oneself on the roads at ground-level is … challenging.

But hey … that’s the fun of being in London and learning how to navigate the streets and tube.

Stand out moments:
– Having my BlackBerry, MacBook Pro, and iPad confiscated at reception of one building, because unauthorized mobile phones and computers were not allowed inside. That was weird.
– Being shown around the inside of one of the beautiful government buildings. It was just stunning – high ceilings, wonderful wall paintings, a spiral staircase, and more.
– Having a drink (OJ or water) with two of my early bosses, now both in London.
– Being reminded to add more time to my journeys, when multiple legs on the tube are required.

Today’s challenge is getting on the tube at 8am. I hear it’s a tight squeeze!

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