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One Week on the PC …

It’s been a week since I switched back to a Windows machine. If I hadn’t said publicly that I was going to, I’m not sure I would have stayed 🙂

Main observations:
– The keyboard on the Lenovo is much more clicky than the MacBook Pro keyboard. Much noisier in meetings.
– in my one experiment (of 2 minutes during a meeting), I could not get the Lenovo to connect to the projector. I used the Fn-F7 combination, but no luck. The MacBook Pro would connect first time. I’ll have to try again sometime when it’s not holding up the meeting.
– I miss “Command-H” for hiding the foreground application, and the variant of that to hide all of the non-foreground applications.
– I haven’t found an RSS reader to compare with NetNewsWire yet. Even FeedDemon from the same company as NetNewsWire doesn’t work as well.
– I miss the top bar on the Apple (where all of the commands for the current application lives). My hand moves the mouse there, but then my eye realizes it’s not there.
– On day 1, I had one blue screen of death (with a brand new machine). I haven’t had any since then. I must remind myself that on day 1 of the MacBook Pro, I had 4 panic attacks … essentially blue screens. I think that makes the Windows box more reliable 😉

So … interesting times.

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