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First Reactions to Singapore

I arrived in Singapore from New Zealand yesterday. I’m giving a presentation at IKMS tonight on knowledge and collaboration, and then presenting the Masterclass in SharePoint Collaboration and Governance tomorrow. I haven’t been to Singapore since 1978 (as a 6 year old, never got off the plane even), so this really is my first time.

First reactions:
– It’s hotter than Christchurch. Going from 16 degrees to 31 degrees in 10 hours was quite a change!
– The Changi Airport is a credit to Singapore. There were no lines when I hit the immigration desk, and my bags came through quickly. It’s a beautiful airport, and highly efficient. After a long haul flight, I liked that.
– I’m staying at the Quincy Hotel, and after being here for a night, highly recommend it. Quiet rooms, complimentary fast Internet, good service, plentiful drinking water available, and an inhouse swimming pool to boot. If you’re coming here on business, make sure you check out the Quincy. (However, I must talk to guest services about getting a thinner pillow. I hate fat pillows.)
– Chewing gum is illegal. I don’t chew gum, but wow.
– I got caught with the baggage allowance on Singapore Airlines. I should have read the web page more carefully, but thought that I was allowed 2x 23kg bags. Actually, it was only 1x 20kg bag … so got hit with a big excess charge (for carrying in 57 copies of SharePoint Roadmap for the various events). Ouch.

I’m about to venture out into the heat, for a breakfast meeting at the Hilton Singapore.

So … it’s great to be here. Looking forward to what the next few days hold …

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