I'm Taking a Vacation (well, parental leave really!)

I’m going to be a Dad again … very soon actually. Katrina is 4 days overdue with our 9th child … so the office will be closed for a while as I care for her, the new baby, and the other 8 children. (I’ll still be sending books out each day though).

We don’t know if our 9th child will be a boy or a girl … “but it’s not a fish” (as I said to one questioner yesterday). If it’s a boy, we’ll have 7 sons and 2 daughters, and I will really have to find seven brides for seven brothers! And if it is a girl, well, Susanna will be highly delighted at the extra support on the girl side of the equation. On Saturday just passed, she found a piece of wood on the ground. It had a sharp end, and she quickly decided that it would “make a good spear”. Based on that, yes, we could do with some more estrogen in the house!

Regardless … we are looking forward to the arrival of Baby 2009. Thanks to all those who have sent best wishes and are praying for us all at this time. That means heaps …

0 thoughts on “I'm Taking a Vacation (well, parental leave really!)

  1. Wow, congratulations! It’s been 3 days since you posted this, so hopefully congratulations are in order or very soon. My wife and I are exhausted from our one, squirming, 9 month old boy so I can’t imagine.
    And, since I didn’t know you for the other births, I need to catch up: congrats,congrats,congrats,congrats,congrats,congrats,congrats, and … congrats!

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