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It’s just about 7.30am on Sunday morning in London. I have been up since 4am, having collapsed in exhaustion at 8pm last night. I slept okay – not soundly, but okay. It look 36 hours to travel door-to-door from my home in New Zealand to my hotel in London. Many thanks to Air New Zealand for an uneventful flight (as all flights should be), and a restful stopover in Hong Kong.

Once I was through UK Border Patrol yesterday afternoon, I had the good pleasure of spending an hour at the airport with Nicholas Bate, of Strategic Edge. We had a great chat – about family, business, travel, writing, and more. I greatly value Nicholas’s books, booklets, and blog … and if you are not making it part of your daily routine to read his blog, then I think you are missing out on great encouragement and thought-provoking insights.

As to today … I’m heading into the city for church at 11am this morning, and then back to Heathrow after a quick lunch for a flight to Rome. I’m working with a client in Rome tomorrow, before heading to Stockholm on Monday night for the IntraTeam Conference on Tuesday.

Wherever you are, and whatever you are doing … my best.

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