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Update on my June 2010 Europe Trip

I’m heading back to Europe in 9 weeks (gulp), for various follow-ons to my March 2010 tour. Having paid my flight tickets yesterday, I’m hoping the airline disruptions are well and truly over by June!

Anyway, here’s my schedule:
– June 22-24, Germany (masterclass on the Tuesday, ShareConf on the other two days)
– June 25, Rome (for inhouse consulting)
– June 29-30, London (for masterclass and other seminar activities)

This means I have four days available for inhouse consulting or public masterclasses:
– Monday June 21
– Monday June 28
– Thursday July 1
– Friday July 2

As you know, I don’t get to Europe very often … so if there is some way I can add value, please contact me ASAP.

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