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User Adoption Workshop in London

On Monday I presented a User Adoption Strategies workshop in London with a focus on social business and collaboration. There were about 24 people in the room, and during the day we talked through and explored a full range of topics on user adoption, including the context, a […]

The Power of Turning Up

On The Smarter Office blog, I posted about The Power of Turning Up: “In a recent client engagement I have been reminded again of the importance of turning up in person when you are exploring possibilities for how people work together through new collaboration technology. A phone conversation […]

"There's stuff I can do immediately"

I’ve been in Wellington for a couple of days this week, mainly for running the User Adoption Strategies Workshop in-house for a client. We did the workshop in a single intensive day, so it was pretty full-on … but it can be done with a will. I caught […]

And They're Off …

Early on Saturday morning I packaged up all of the pre-orders for the second edition of User Adoption Strategies, and put most in the mail later that day. Some left on Monday morning, and one team order left yesterday. So now they are all winging their ways to […]