Category: Adoption & Effective Use

Developing on Cloud Time

One of the promises of cloud services is that you always have the latest stuff available. Unfortunately one of the realities of cloud services is that “the latest stuff” can change negatively from what you had when you first signed up, and likewise that “the latest stuff” still […]

“Most Users are Fairly IT Illiterate”

During the Extending Effective Use section at the Driving Effective Use of Office 365 Workshop in Auckland on Monday, I showed the above picture. It garnered a few sounds of agreement among the delegates at the workshop (including an “I’m going to use that.”). The next slide, however, […]

Driving “Active Usage” of Office 365

For almost a decade I have been working in the user adoption area, with numerous blog posts, conference talks and keynotes, client-internal and public workshops, consulting projects, and multiple books the result. In light of the above, I find it very interesting to observe from afar the increased […]

On Being Productive

Edward Deming said that around 94% of possible improvements belong to the system, which was the responsibility of management. While it strikes me as a very precise number, Deming was all about precision and careful measurement, so I’ll give him some latitude in his analysis. Even if he […]