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User Adoption Workshop in London

On Monday I presented a User Adoption Strategies workshop in London with a focus on social business and collaboration. There were about 24 people in the room, and during the day we talked through and explored a full range of topics on user adoption, including the context, a way of thinking about user adoption for the majority of people in firms, and various strategies for being effective with the adoption challenge. The day went well, and despite being severely jet lagged after arriving from New Zealand only 36 hours prior, I did manage to complete the day.

There was a very poignant moment during the opening session, when the delegates were introducing themselves to the group. One delegate talked about their work with SharePoint, and the adoption challenge they were facing. The very next delegate talked about their work with Connections, and the adoption challenge they were facing. They both said almost the same thing; while the technology in use was different, the real challenge was the same. For me that really set the context for our own active collaboration during the day, where the difference of technology (which can too quickly become a war) were put aside in deference to the greater challenge.

Many thanks to the delegates for their active participation during the day. It always thrills me as a workshop leader when the delegates fully enter into the flow of the day, through the various workshop activities, discussions, and break time conversations. To each of you in attendance – great work!

Finally, many thanks to Stuart, Rooven, and Sharon from Collaboration Matters for making the day possible, and to Arrow ECS for hosting the day at their premises by Bank Station.

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  1. Excellent workshop Michael with very useful content. Looking forward reading the book and putting some of the srategies into practice.