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Why is New Technology Not Adopted?

On The Smarter Office, I posted on why new technology is not adopted:

… part of the approach for being successful with user adoption of new ways of working – usually powered by new technology – is figuring out why earlier attempts have been unsuccessful. On this front there’s a smorgasbord of possibilities, and it’s useful to talk through the menu to uncover which ones are at play in a particular team, group, or the wider organization. Space here doesn’t permit an exhaustive analysis, but here’s five key roadblocks to adoption:

1. The Technology Doesn’t Make Sense for the Work. An IT department goes all gaga over the idea of using wikis for creating documents, and says that it should be used for new sales proposals. But they overlook the need to send the document outside the organization for approval by the client, and the technology that’s chosen doesn’t print the sales proposals to the previous beautiful standard. The sales team rejects the wiki.

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