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LeasePlan's Approach to Adoption of Social Business with IBM Connections

A couple of weeks ago at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston, Vim de Gier from LeasePlan talked about their approach to rolling out IBM Connections. One of Vim’s main points was the importance of “adoption, adoption, adoption,” and he went on to explain some of the strategies they used – including the wider strategy of making it about business, the use of real-to-life scenarios, and executive support. There’s a video they developed internally to explore what the system could become for LeasePlan – great job.

It’s worth a watch. In the above video, see Vim’s section from 8m56s to 23m30s.

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  1. Thanks, Michael! Really appreciate sharing this video. Quite insightful and we can take some quick learnings out from this.
    USer Adoption is indeed a key challenge for any company planning to roll-out an enterprise wide collaboration platform.
    the other side of coin could be – what if a user-group has already well adopted one platform for a particular biz need but how we can maximize it for further collaboration?

  2. Puneet,
    Thanks. In terms of taking your user group to another level of collaboration, I think you start with exploring where and how further types of collaboration would benefit the user group. What work activities are they doing today that would benefit from being done in a different way?