News Updates (January 15, 2009)

Collaborative Drivers … Shawn lists six reasons why enterprise collaboration will be important in 2009: (1) the global financial crisis, (2) the increasing speed of business, (3) the rise of Gen Y, (4) the information explosion, (5) increased complexity, and (5) outsourcing to Asia. More

Comapping Mind Mapping … Comapping released its collaborative mind mapping tool. Key ideas: “Comapping combines mind mapping with real-time remote collaboration, along with a host of organization, display, presentation and project management tools; The tool dynamically expands and collapses sections of interest on the screen in real time, preventing the delays that can frustrate the capture of ideas, and enabling people to organize and retrieve their thoughts visually and graphically; and Comapping’s applications are especially exciting for on-site or geographically dispersed creative teams — in business, academia, government and healthcare — that need to propel and capture their brainstorms.“. Available immediately. More

Google Apps Reseller Program … Google Enterprise launched a reseller program for Google Apps. “While Google Apps is easy to use and many businesses will continue to come to us directly online or through our Enterprise team, many appreciate the services provided by local firms who are intimately familiar with their particular needs. We’re looking forward to working with a broad range of partners, from VARs and IT consultants to professional services firms and global systems integrators, to ISPs and other SaaS providers. With over 1 million businesses and 10+ million active users in more than 100 countries, Google Apps adoption is set to accelerate even further in 2009. This provides partners with a great opportunity to expand their expertise into cloud computing while building profitable new businesses.More

IBM Lotus Notes 8.5 for Mac … At Macworld last week, IBM released the final edition of Lotus Notes 8.5 for the Mac, and said that Symphony will be available for the Mac in January 2009. A big emphasis is on the “social” aspects: “Social characteristics include new integration with Google, Yahoo, and hundreds of other public Internet calendars — blending the work and personal lives of busy professionals. Using Notes, with just a check of a box, a worker can display the Lotus Notes work calendar and the family Internet calendar, with a customer meeting, lunch with the boss, parent-teacher conference, son’s basketball game, and spa appointment — all in one view.More

Microsoft Document Collaboration Companion … At Macworld, Microsoft announced Document Collaboration Companion. “The program will make it easier for users to download and upload documents to enterprise servers running SharePoint, Microsoft’s browser-based collaboration platform, or to Office Live Workspace, the free online service that offers similar functionality. Document Collaboration Companion also will provide Mac-based tools to let Office users check shared documents in and out.” Entourage is also pending an update, for better integration with Microsoft Exchange. More

Retention of Collaborative Artifacts … Ben argues that collaborative artifacts will become increasingly expected as part of a legal discovery process. “As professionals make greater use of collaborative tools or social sites to negotiate business and legal transactions, there will be lawsuits. Lawsuits are an inevitable byproduct of business interaction. A lawsuit is a kind of investigation. The investigation wants to learn who said what and when did they say it. To that end, a lawsuit always seeks to uncover all the records, including especially electronic records. A new source of records will be all those related to the different stages of collaborative interaction as messages, documents and transactions were assembled. A coming topic of e-discovery in court will be access to the records (archives) stored in connection with Zimbra and similar products. Instinctively, lawyers will advise corporate clients to destroy the archives of a collaborative project when the project is complete.More

ShapeWriter … Oliver provides an extensive review of ShapeWriter, a new may of inputing text into mobile devices. Essentially, you trace the word you want to spell on the on-screen keypad, and the software figures out what you just typed. “In truth, ShapeWriter represents a complete rethinking of text entry for any small device and short of a telepathic interface or perfect voice recognition (which can only be used in a private environment anyway) I cannot imagine a more efficient means of translating thoughts to the written word.More

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