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The Copenhagen Wheel

MIT and the city of Copenhagen partnered for the development of the Copenhagen Wheel. Say hello to the Copenhagen Wheel, a device that slips onto your existing bike wheel. It stores the energy that you already use, and saves it for when you need it most. Hills become […]

The Apple is Going Rotten

In light of the recent updates to Mac OS X, the iPhone, Apple Pages and Keynote, etc., Lawrence Lessig writes that it may be time to leave: “So this has been a week from Apple hell. Apple did a major upgrade of its suite of software — from […]


As I sit alone in the Relatives Room outside the operating theatres at Christchurch Public Hospital, there is one constant sound and some periodic discordant ones. The constant sound is the ceiling fan, forcing a circulation of air in the room. The periodic discordant ones include doors banging […]

Another Side of Bruce Elgort

I have written about Elguji IdeaJam a few times on my blog – an idea management and brainstorming tool – as well as in both editions of User Adoption Strategies. Bruce Elgort – the ELG in Elguji – is the co-owner of the business, and the lead developer. […]

No Cannons Onboard

Last week I was traveling around New Zealand for a client project, with four evening flights over four consecutive days. While I was waiting at Wellington Airport for the last flight in the series, a Dad and his young son came through security screening. It was a new […]

Asiana Airlines Flight 214

I woke on Sunday morning to early reports that a plane had crashed at San Francisco International Airport, seeing comments on Facebook and Twitter before it was covered by CNN and New Zealand’s Stuff news site. Given how many hours I’ve recently spent in Boeing 777 planes, although […]