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The PowerCube

In my travels during the earlier part of 2015 I found myself in hotel rooms with inaccessible power plugs, a lack of USB charging ports, and desks with recessed power strips that didn’t take the power box for my laptop at all. It was all a bit frustrating […]

Innovation in Suitcases: Stackable Shelves

As a frequent traveller it is interesting to me to observe a new set of luggage being designed, funded, and brought to market. In today’s innovation, there’s a soon-to-be-released suitcase that features in-built stackable shelves, to give you a portable drawer unit: Designed as a checked baggage item […]

In the Mo

One of the concepts for building collaborative capabilities into tools is to support the need for collaboration “in the flow” of what the user is doing, as opposed to taking them out to another or separate application. If collaborative activity is part of the work process, that activity […]

The Copenhagen Wheel

MIT and the city of Copenhagen partnered for the development of the Copenhagen Wheel. Say hello to the Copenhagen Wheel, a device that slips onto your existing bike wheel. It stores the energy that you already use, and saves it for when you need it most. Hills become […]

The Apple is Going Rotten

In light of the recent updates to Mac OS X, the iPhone, Apple Pages and Keynote, etc., Lawrence Lessig writes that it may be time to leave: “So this has been a week from Apple hell. Apple did a major upgrade of its suite of software — from […]


As I sit alone in the Relatives Room outside the operating theatres at Christchurch Public Hospital, there is one constant sound and some periodic discordant ones. The constant sound is the ceiling fan, forcing a circulation of air in the room. The periodic discordant ones include doors banging […]