Ahead of Apple's Announcements Tomorrow

Apple’s latest new product fest is almost here, and there are a range of articles competing to best call the details based on rumour and hearsay in advance of the actual event. The world will know all of the details within 24 hours, so there is no point reiterating any of the rumours in advance of the actual event. Just wait for it to happen, and then make your buying decisions based on what is actually announced.

However, there is something I want to say, especially in light of many saying that Apple has lost its creative spark and innovation engine, not to mention its sky high stock market valuation. There are two fundamentals for me: first, I could not have done my work for the past decade without Apple, and second, the real value of Apple’s products lie with what we do with them, not the devices themselves. On the first, I have been, am, and will be grateful for years to come for the quality of Apple’s products that have been released over the past decade. While nothing is perfect, and Apple has suffered some public missteps, there is no other computing platform I would rather base my business, writing, and work on. The Apple platform has provided a wonderful experience through many iterations, has gotten out of my way, and allowed me to get on with my work.

Second, the value is in what we do with what Apple sells, not the products themselves. Getting a newer-better-faster-slicker device (laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.) is nice for a while, but it’s what we (individually and collectively) use these amazing capabilities for that will contributing to making the world a better place – to the “think different” angle Apple used to talk about. Showing concern for others, helping others get better, training the next generation, serving clients with excellence, delivering with diligence and integrity … these (and other) attributes of what we do and why we do it – powered by Apple’s products or something else – is the point. Producing and contributing to the health and vitality of our cities through such work is the real value. Having a consumption mindset, playing games, being passive, or just having the latest and greatest device … these and similar poor uses of our time and resources are truly sad.

Apple, knock it out of the park for us all. Friends, let’s make the world a better place regardless of what comes tomorrow.

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