Innovation in Suitcases: Stackable Shelves


As a frequent traveller it is interesting to me to observe a new set of luggage being designed, funded, and brought to market. In today’s innovation, there’s a soon-to-be-released suitcase that features in-built stackable shelves, to give you a portable drawer unit:

Designed as a checked baggage item (not for carry-on), this new travel innovation features four built-in, pull-out and collapsible shelves aimed at that travellers who want easy-to-find, wrinkle-free clothes on their trips.

The shelves are said enable better packing organisation by allowing travellers to pack, for example, shirts on one shelf and pants on another. The shelves stack vertically, when the suitcase is layed flat on the floor, with support poles that pull out and lock into place.

The ShelfPack is designed to be a standard size suitcase: 66cm case (71cm with wheels) x 46cm x 35cm with an extra 104,304 cubic cm of space, and weighs 7.71 kg. When stacked, the shelves reach 107cm in height.

Interesting … but I can imagine this only working if you have small number of items to pack and take with you (which would indeed be true sometimes, such as for short-duration trips). You can get a lot more in a suitcase if you don’t have to lay things out on shelves. My preferred way is to use colour-differentiated packing cubes from Eagle Creek, which has the advantage of being able to go from suitcase to carry-on to a different suitcase or carry-on and still signal the intent of the clothes within.

Are you going to add a suitcase with stackable shelves to your traveling options?

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  1. I don’t think so, also it’s an additional 7.71 kg which could be an issue. I’d rather give the cubes a try which, as you state. are a much more flexible solution.

    • Andreas, thanks for this. Yes, it weighs 7.71kg, but you’d have to factor in the weight of your current suitcase too. Mine is already 5.93kg, so it represents an incremental almost 2kg of weight for shelving.