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Congratulations to Rod and the Xero Team

I met Rod Drury a few years ago in conjunction with the work he was doing at Aftermail, which he subsequently sold to Quest Software. After that sale, he started beavering away at his next project – an online accounting service – called Xero. Anyway, Rod and Xero […]

Don't Only Invest in Your Core

Adam analyzes Microsoft’s strategy of investing in its core business, and how that’s proved catastrophic: “Everyone knows that Microsoft has returned almost nothing to shareholders the last decade. Simultaneously, all the “partner” companies that were in the “PC” (the Windows + Intel, or Wintel, platform) “ecosystem” have done […]

Mac OS X 10.8 – Mountain Lion

Apple released early information about the next edition of Mac OS X: “Well, don’t look now, but Mountain Lion brings even more of the iPhone/iPad features to the Mac. The juiciest payoff here is the suite of Mac apps that now mimic what’s on the iPhone/iPad, like Reminders, […]

G-Shock Watch with Phone Integration

Casio announced (but hasn’t yet released) a new watch that integrates with a phone via Bluetooth: “Your watch can vibrate when you get a call, text or e-mail and show the person’s name, even if your phone is in your purse or briefcase. The G-Shock can help you […]

SeV Transformer Jacket

SeV launched the Transformer Jacket that switches from jacket to vest via magnets: “The Transformer Jacket’s 12 powerful rare-earth magnets allow you to transform from jacket to vest in the blink of an eye…and back again just as easily. We call it our TEC-MAGTM system, and it’s unlike […]