25m Swimming Pool in London; 35m Up

In my many trips to London over the years I have been searching for a hotel with a 25-metre indoor swimming pool. I haven’t found one yet (so any pointers gratefully received), but apparently there is one coming to a new apartment building in Battersea. The twist is that it will be 35-metres above the ground, completely transparent, and will link two buildings. Sounds like … fun … although it won’t help my cause as it’s not linked with a hotel.

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  1. I guess it’s a little late to be replying to a 2015 post, but you may be interested in knowing about the following facilities:


    I’m sure we have more, those are just the ones within about 3 miles of Charing Cross, which Google identifies as the central point of Central London…

      • It’s my pleasure! Unfortunately, however, you’re less likely to find a hotel with a good pool on the continent. There are a few here and there, and the few will be shorter than your preferred 25 metres… but at least you know where to look, now.

        Best regards,

        Bill Haverland

        Raleigh, NC


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