Recommendation for Editing and Proofreading — Red Pendragon

As an author of books and newsletters, I get blind to the errors in my writing. In recent years I have come to rely on someone else to double check what I have written before it gets published. Sure I read it over myself, but having worked with the text for hours already, my eye can no longer catch the misspellings, typos, inconsistencies, and other grammatical problems. I greatly benefit from another set of eyes in ensuring my work is as close to grammatically perfect as possible (subject to a few personal quirks of course).

One of the editors I have been using for some years now is one of my older sons. Matthew, my second son, has an incredible eye for detail, and has edited and proofread the appendices in my two most recent books, plus all of the issues of Insights on Adoption and Insights on Connections. He always gives excellent editing comments on how my work can be improved.

As a result of his eye for detail and the benefits I have derived, I have encouraged Matthew to offer his services to others on a commercial basis. He had done this, and has had repeat customers – which is the biggest vote of confidence any customer can provide.

This blog post is simply to say: if you have documents, white papers, reports, and other publications that need to be edited or proofread before going out, I fully recommend that you give Matthew the job. See his web site at Red Pendragon.

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