White Leather Executive Case for the iPad Mini – from The Snugg

While I was in London last month I received an email offering me a review case for an iPad, from The Snugg. Having purchased a new iPad Mini a couple of months before, I was on the look out for new cases, and had noticed the flip over black Targus cover. I hadn’t purchased one, but had noted that a colleague made extensive use of a Targus case in protecting and using her iPad Mini. The Snugg was not a brand I was familiar with, so did not reply immediately and accept the offer. However I did visit the web site, look at the various covers, and take note of what they looked like.

On the Saturday afternoon in London I headed to Hyde Park for an extended walk. When I boarded the tube and stood in my normal place (right by the middle doors; I have only ever sat down on a tube two or three times in all of the times I have visited London), I happened to be next to a 20-something lady. She had been shopping, as evidenced by the goods she had collected. The item she was holding when I noticed her was a red leather case for an iPad Mini, and as luck would have it, it was a Snugg case with a matching Snugg stylus. I have never seen anyone unwrap an iPad case with the loving care she demonstrated that afternoon. She took the wrapping off as though it were a holy object–carefully, slowly, delicately–and lovingly looked at the different parts of the case and the stylus. I decided there and then that I would accept the offer of a Snugg case to review, although did not go so far as to commit to opening my one with the same degree of care. When I got back to my hotel room, I replied to accept the offer, choosing as a review case the white leather case for my white iPad Mini. It arrived in New Zealand the week after I got back from Europe.

The leather case fits the iPad Mini snugly. The Mini slides into the area in the case that has been designed to hold the Mini, and there is a fold over flap that has a strip of velcro to connect with an opposing velcro strip on the inner of the case. Once the flap is folded and the velcro connected, there in no way the Mini can slip out. While you can put the Mini in either way–with the power button on the bottom or top–it is only when the power button is on the bottom that the magnets align so that closing the cover will turn off the Mini. The case also features a hand strap, four pockets for business card sized items, and another full height slip pocket for larger items (which would be ideal for a 3×5 card, some notes, or something similar). My hand is of a sufficient width that I can hold the Mini comfortably without the hand strap, but I can imagine it being helpful for those people with smaller hands.

In terms of dimensions, the cover triples the depth of the iPad Mini. The iPad Mini by itself is between 6mm and 7mm in depth. Once in the case it has a depth of 18mm. On some of my outings that extra depth is a problem, and I much prefer the thinner profile of the standard Apple iPad Mini Smart Cover, which presents a combined depth of only 9mm. And at other times, I prefer to connect the iPad Mini to the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard for the Mini, which gives a similar depth as the iPad Mini in a Snugg.

When the front cover of The Snugg is closed, the Mini is fully protected front and back, top and bottom, left and right. When the cover is folded back, you can hold it in that position, or use the folds down the front cover to create a triangle so the Mini will stand up in landscape mode. That’s pretty cool when you want to watch a movie, type using an external keyboard, or flick through a book you are reading.

Please note that while I reviewed a cover from the iPad Mini range, The Snugg sells covers for many different types of devices. These include the larger iPad, the Kindle Fire HD, the Nexus 7 and 10, the Galaxy Tab, and the iPhone 5. And yes, there are already cases for the brand new iPad Air available on the site.

Details and Specifications:
– Cover was provided for review from The Snugg.
– List price for the case reviewed here is US$39.99. That’s the “Executive” version of the case which includes the five pockets on the inside of the front cover. There is also a “non-Executive” cover that still includes the hand strap, but not the five pockets. These are US$10 cheaper.
– The Snugg offers a lifetime guarantee. You have to register online for this.
– The Snugg ships worldwide. If you purchase over US$50 of stuff, they will ship for free. For me at the “end of the world,” postage is $20 for a single cover, so spending US$50 makes a lot of sense.
– You can elect to get your case personalized. There is an additional cost for this.

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