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Highlights Reel

Earlier this decade I met a friend for breakfast, and he proceeded to tell me an idea for an ambitious project. I had some doubts about the efficacy of the idea, but he lined up the support required and pushed go. And started working. And working. And struggling. […]


We’ve had a drought in the part of New Zealand I live in. There’s been little rain for months, and the ground has shown the lack thereof. But it started raining – thankfully – last week, which has been good for Canterbury, but has had a less ideal […]

Container Homes

New Zealand is suffering a housing crisis in many of its cities – the cost of buying a first home have skyrocketed over the past couple of decades since my wife and I first purchased a place to live. Given that I have many children who will want […]

Norway’s Ship Tunnel

A few years ago I was visiting Oslo to present a series of workshops, and on one evening one of my hosts drove me into the city centre for a meal out. I was intrigued by the underground/through-the-water tunnels that we drove through. With so much water around, […]

Meeting Rules

When I was in Europe last month I spent a few days in Rotterdam. Down the road from my hotel was a yoga studio that I walked past on the way to the Rotterdam train station each day, and inside the window were the above “Studio Rules.” They […]

The New Flight Mode? Bluetooth Only?

Air New Zealand is now allowing the use of Bluetooth devices in flight, a move I’m very happy with: Air New Zealand passengers will now be able to use their Fitbits to record the number of steps they make from their plane seat to the toilet, thanks to […]

The PowerCube

In my travels during the earlier part of 2015 I found myself in hotel rooms with inaccessible power plugs, a lack of USB charging ports, and desks with recessed power strips that didn’t take the power box for my laptop at all. It was all a bit frustrating […]

Innovation in Suitcases: Stackable Shelves

As a frequent traveller it is interesting to me to observe a new set of luggage being designed, funded, and brought to market. In today’s innovation, there’s a soon-to-be-released suitcase that features in-built stackable shelves, to give you a portable drawer unit: Designed as a checked baggage item […]