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Wishing for Colorado Springs Next Week

Chris is running a debate tournament in Colorado Springs next week, and the debaters are teenagers. Chris writes about the “big deal” of the event: “Our culture is muddled with an opinion of young people that is depressing. Teenagers are baggy, disrespectful, foulmouthed, slothful, ugly. The teenage culture […]

My Tulips are Out

A few years ago Katrina gave me some tulip bulbs for my birthday, and even planted them just outside my office window. For a couple of weeks a year I get to enjoy them … and now is the time. I’m not into flowers, but I think the […]

Cutting Travel Costs

Many of the routine meetings we hold today can be replaced / enhanced with new ways of meeting, without having to travel to get there. But when travel is required, there’s a set of common sense ideas you can follow to reduce your costs: – plan ahead, and […]

A New Mac

I’ve had two Macs for the past two and bit years; an iMac 27 for in-the-office work, and a MacBook Pro 13 for out-and-about work. The balance has worked well, but as I’ve been doing more workshops and seminars, I’ve been noticing that the 13″ screen was getting […]