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Heading for New Zealand

I’ve had a great couple of days in London – a User Adoption Strategies masterclass yesterday with AdeoPoint – and a series of meetings around the city starting from 7am this morning. Now it’s time to head for New Zealand. I have had a great two weeks in […]

Chilean Mine Rescue – Wow

Congratulations to the rescue team in Chile, for a job well done. They say US Marine’s don’t cry … but I bet there are lots of people with “sweaty eyeballs” around the world today: “The first of six rescue workers who went down to bring out 33 trapped […]

A New Watch Experience

I was in the market for a new wristwatch a few years ago. The most important aspect is a vibrating alarm, so I can get out of bed quietly in the morning without waking up my wife and the baby, and also to serve as a reminder during […]

Preserving Love in Marriage: 12 Directions

Okay, this is totally different from what I normally write here … but … I am really enjoying (and being challenged by) The Marriage Blog of Scott & Deborah Brown. I believe that strong marriages are essential for strong churches, businesses, societies … and for raising children. Take […]

Coming Full Circle

A long time ago … in 1997 … I started my own business. For a while back then, I worked from a home office. The first desk I purchased was a cheap cafeteria table from the local office furniture and stationery shop. Above is the photo of my […]