5 Month Update on Dvorak Keyboard

So much for a quick transition from the QWERTY keyboard to the Dvorak layout. Now, after 5 months of only typing Dvorak for at least 6 hours a day, I can still only type 45 words a minute. I have not yet regained the speed that I was typing on QWERTY, nor the mindlessness which with I could type.

I switched on the understanding from many that it would be a 30-60 day transition. My experience hasn’t borne that out. And I’m not up to the speed I thought I would be after all this time.

I would choose to stay with QWERTY if I was making the decision again, but now that I’m almost there, I’ll stay with where I am.

Have you switched? What was your experience?

(It’s good that I haven’t gone to a conference with Eric since September; he’d win the blogging title, something I could never sanction)

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