There's a New Little Lady in my Life

Well it’s happened. Elizabeth Victoria Sampson was born about an hour ago … 2.54am New Zealand time on Friday December 21, or 5.54am Pacific time on Thursday. She weighed in at 9-14, slightly more than her older sister, but a lot less than one of her brothers (Tim, 11-2).

Mother and child are both well.

So that makes eight. David (11), Matthew (10), Philip (9), Daniel (7), Tim (5), Susanna (3), Jonathan (19mo), and now Elizabeth (1 hour).

Thanks to Margaret Weir for helping with our 8th, her 7th with us. And thanks to Bronwyn, the midwife who helped at Christchurch Women’s Hospital.

“Thank you Lord for a safe delivery at the right time and place.”

As I press send, Elizabeth has just gone to sleep in my arms …

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