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San Francisco (Day 1.3)

I arrived on Thursday afternoon to a very warm 27 degrees in San Francisco. The United flight from London to here went smoothly for the most parts, interspersed with a few shocking bumps now and then. I had an aisle seat on the exit row, so lots of […]

The Papermore Office – What Can We Do?

Oscar does a great job of pulling together recent research on the “paperless office” (yeah right): “Our production and consumption of paper is destructive to both our environment and humanity. Yet, alongside with the digitization of information we continue to produce and consume more and more paper. The […]

"Where" Are You Most Productive?

Craig at Time Management Ninja asks where are you your most productive? “Today, I want to ask, “Where do you get things done?” Not when. Not how. But, where? Often we talk about being, “In the zone.” I want to know where your zone is located. Where are […]

"Earthquake Dependent"

Christchurch people have added a new phrase to their future planning – “earthquake dependent.” As in, – “We will meet on Tuesday to discuss this further, earthquake dependent.” – “Let’s have coffee tomorrow afternoon, earthquake dependent.” The horrific earthquake of last week has changed Christchurch forever, and it’s […]

Evernote Updates the Evernote iPhone App

I rely on the Evernote service every day for many things – tracking conversations, tracking interviews, recording license keys for software, carrying travel details on my iPad. It’s a great service … I can’t live without it. The news of the day is that Evernote updated its iPhone […]


At 12.51pm a week ago, Christchurch changed forever – the 6.3 magnitude earthquake ripped apart our city and killed hundreds. Today, the nation stopped for 2 minutes of silence. We remember those that lost their lives in the earthquake – them, their love, their hopes and dreams, their […]