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"Where" Are You Most Productive?

Craig at Time Management Ninja asks where are you your most productive? “Today, I want to ask, “Where do you get things done?” Not when. Not how. But, where? Often we talk about being, “In the zone.” I want to know where your zone is located. Where are […]

"Earthquake Dependent"

Christchurch people have added a new phrase to their future planning – “earthquake dependent.” As in, – “We will meet on Tuesday to discuss this further, earthquake dependent.” – “Let’s have coffee tomorrow afternoon, earthquake dependent.” The horrific earthquake of last week has changed Christchurch forever, and it’s […]

Evernote Updates the Evernote iPhone App

I rely on the Evernote service every day for many things – tracking conversations, tracking interviews, recording license keys for software, carrying travel details on my iPad. It’s a great service … I can’t live without it. The news of the day is that Evernote updated its iPhone […]


At 12.51pm a week ago, Christchurch changed forever – the 6.3 magnitude earthquake ripped apart our city and killed hundreds. Today, the nation stopped for 2 minutes of silence. We remember those that lost their lives in the earthquake – them, their love, their hopes and dreams, their […]