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The Christmas Story – on Facebook

It’s Christmas time – and a special time of remembering the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ. IgniterMedia put together the above video, telling the story using Facebook. Very cool (hat tip, Jason, for the link). I pray you will know the reason for the season this year!

SharePoint 2010 for Collaboration

Messaging News Magazine for November and December 2010 is out, and it includes my article on SharePoint 2010 for collaboration. “It’s been over a year since Microsoft announced the details of SharePoint 2010, and now six months since the product has been on the market. SharePoint 2010 is […]


Simple answer to the email below that came in this morning: No. “I’m a consultant for a webhosting/sharepoint/CRM service provider and we’re currently looking to improve our online presence for Sharepoint. What we’re interested in is to have a subtle link mention within a previous article pointing back […]

Heading for New Zealand

I’ve had a great couple of days in London – a User Adoption Strategies masterclass yesterday with AdeoPoint – and a series of meetings around the city starting from 7am this morning. Now it’s time to head for New Zealand. I have had a great two weeks in […]

Chilean Mine Rescue – Wow

Congratulations to the rescue team in Chile, for a job well done. They say US Marine’s don’t cry … but I bet there are lots of people with “sweaty eyeballs” around the world today: “The first of six rescue workers who went down to bring out 33 trapped […]

A New Watch Experience

I was in the market for a new wristwatch a few years ago. The most important aspect is a vibrating alarm, so I can get out of bed quietly in the morning without waking up my wife and the baby, and also to serve as a reminder during […]