San Francisco (Day 1.3)

I arrived on Thursday afternoon to a very warm 27 degrees in San Francisco. The United flight from London to here went smoothly for the most parts, interspersed with a few shocking bumps now and then. I had an aisle seat on the exit row, so lots of leg room.

Time from the plane to the curb was speedy – at about 20 minutes. I mentioned the speed to another traveler, and they said it was due to two factors: (a) most travelers on United are Americans, so they fill up the American side leaving the visitors side relatively empty, and (b) UA931 is the last flight in from London for the day, thus giving fewer passengers converging on Customs and Immigration at the same time. So … it worked out well. And both of my bags came through quickly, so that was easy.

I took the hotel shuttle bus to the hotel, after waiting for 20 minutes in the heat. Check in was fine, my room was 3x the size of the London one, and the restaurant was quiet.

I slept from 9.30pm to … 2am (oh great) … so got up and worked for 2 hours or so. Then I tried to sleep again, but sleep came too well and I woke with a shock at 7.35am. Thankfully my meeting with the client in Mountain View didn’t start until 10am …

The concierge at the hotel put me right on the train schedule for getting to Mountain View, and after thinking I’d missed the train (which came through Burlingame at 8.38am and didn’t stop), it became evident that the trains were running 5 minutes behind schedule. I caught the right train, the workshop went great, and then caught the train back to Millibrae, caught the BART to San Bruno and then back to SFO, and am now waiting to check-in for SFO to Auckland.

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